4st Attack 2

Recent Updates:

  • 2.1.3 released
  • 2.1.1 RPM released
  • 2.1 sources released
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RPM badness

Seems that have spilled a few bugs into the RPM. The good news is a fresh bug free version is on its way.

RPM goodness

The big-bad (Han) has done it again, a new rpm for the 2.1.1 release. They should run on any platform with pygame, just haresh me if they don't.

New release

As of today 2.1 is available, it features a better faster AI and new music. Currently only the tar ball is released. Thanks for the music go out to The Green Zebra.

The creating of a super AI

The AI is getting some more horse power. If you though the current AI was though then be prepared to get your but kicked.

Debian package updated

Mister Mighty updated the Debian package. It now runs on *any* platform.

Debian package

Thanks to Mighty theres now a Debian package. It's tested under woody but should work on anything with pygame installed.

Busy day today

The RPMs seem to work under Suse as well. If you run any other RPM based distro and have succes running 4st Attack please contact me.

Windows build and updated AI

Theres now a Windows build thanks to Tjerk Nan. I also updated the AI based on his comments. Now the AI should be much better and play just as fast(almost instantly). The Windows version and CVS are currently the only ones with this updated AI code. A release for other platforms is underway.

Mandrake RPM

Theres an RPM for Mandrake thanks to mister Han. Users of other RPM based distros can try it as well, it should work but it is not testen.

2.0 Released

As of today theres a 2.0 release. Only as sources at the moment. Im going to spank my packaging crew (begging them is more likely) to package the lot. Anyway, enjoy this latest stable release.

New webdesign

Guess what the 4st Attack website is looking different. Hoping to have a better look and easier to navigate (yes i know its only 4 pages).

More news from the frontline

The finishing toutches are being made to 4st Attack 2. It's actually pretty solid as is. Needs some minor tweaks and some graphics. If there arent any showstoppers like unforseen bugs a full release will be made soon. Thanks to some very nice people i met there are probably going to be packaged version for:
  • RPM(need help testing the packages)
  • Debian
  • FreeBSD
  • Windows
If theres some system you can package for but isnt listed here and wanna help plz contact me.